Challenge Accepted: Tarsan i Jane’s Valencian Cuisine in Seattle

Megan Hill

The intense aroma of wood smoke is evident upon opening the door to the new Valencian restaurant on Leary Way….

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We’ve Got Spirits

Christian Conahan

Shock and awe: Washington State is home to more than 100 distilleries, more than any other state in the nation….

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Culinary Chemistry: Boozy Blueberry Pie

Margo Greenman

Summer is here and there are few better ways to celebrate the season than experiencing all the tasty fruits and…

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Uncovering Old Vines at Blue Grouse Estate Winery

Megan Hill

With 35 wineries and more than 430 acres under vine, Vancouver Island isn’t quite the grape growing paradise of, say,…

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We Dig: Tasting the Teas of the PNW

Robert LeCompte

The second most popular drink in the world, right behind coffee, tea is enjoyed by billions of people across the…

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Root beer has been a classic go-to soda since its invention by Quaker pharmacist Charles Hires back...
It’s been almost exactly three years to the day since I launched Caffeination Cascadia on July 1,...
Collaboration is the name of the game of Portland Beer Week 2016. To celebrate, a group of...
Welcome to Sip Northwest’s Bar Tab, a weekly selection of what to drink in the Northwest now. ...
My mother has been making this roasted chicken—loaded with garlic, onion, lemon and fresh thyme—for years. It’s...
We Northwestern folk may love our food and drink by the small-batch, but we love our love...
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