Elijah K. Swan Cranberry Rosehip
by Erin James

Elijah K. Swan might be a man created in the imaginations of Finnriver Farm & Cidery co-owners Keith and Crystie Kisler, but the spirit, environmentalism and cidery concept came from their living, breathing neighbor, Elijah Christian. He and his wife, Kay, originally sold the Kislers their 33-acre organic farm in Chimacum, Wash., and encouraged them to go forth with the idea of making cider. Now, three traditional ciders, four contemporary craft ciders, three brandy fruit wines, three port-style dessert wines and a number of special releases later, Finnriver produces four botanical ciders under the Elijah K. Swan label in honor of their founding friends. From the infused botanical hard cider line up comes the Cranberry Rosehip, a ruby red and delicious color that pops lively from the glass with instant aromas of tart apple and tangy cranberry with floral and herbaceous undertones. The palate races with acidity that slices through the semi-sweet apple palate, enhanced with the flavor juicy red berries.

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