Photo courtesy of Chip McLaughlin
Marley’s Tonic
by Erin James

Cocktail ingredients, accompaniments and enhancements are about as hot as this recent Northwest heat wave. Artisan, handcrafted drink additives are readily available today, with retailers, distillers and restaurants supporting and offering the variety of regional options. At Bell + Whete, the new Norman-inspired restaurant in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood (think wheat, meat and beer), one of the latest drink accompaniment producers is on tap and ready to take center stage on its own. Marley’s Tonic, a West Seattle tonic concentrate producer, has plugged their syrup with carbonation and is being served by the glass at the new eatery. This bright and savory tonic should be ordered solo as much as with one of the several local gins offered behind the bar. The sparkling tonic is loaded and comprised of cinnamon, ginger, quinine and juicy citrus for a piquant, sweet and tangy tonic.

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