Local Proof: Bavaria Meets NW Beer Cocktails

by Sonja Groset

The world of imbibers is largely divided into three worlds: cocktail drinkers, beer drinkers and wine drinkers. There are still…


Growing up, I very distinctly remember the smell of lemon cookies and cakes baking in my mother’s oven. As a child, however, these were not my favorite sweets. I much preferred ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies or a plain piece of white cake with chocolate frosting. Now, as an adult with a more mature palate, I appreciate the citrus flavors that turned me off as a child and I see myself following in my mother’s footsteps.

In 2008 Washington lifted a law that made it difficult for would-be craft distilleries to set up shop in the state. The new law now allows these micro-distillers special tax breaks and the ability to operate tasting rooms, under the condition that at least 51 percent of the ingredients come from Washington. This created a boom in the state’s craft distilling industry, as Washington now has more distilleries than any other state and Seattle more than any other city.

A good cucumber pickle is only as good as it’s brine. Traditionally, dill pickles are flavored with fresh dill, mustard seeds, dill seeds and maybe a few other savory herbs. When pickling other produce — like carrots, peppers, garlic, rhubarb or watermelon rind — just about anything goes. Making gin also requires a great deal of herbs, spices and other botanicals, which is where Seattle’s Batch 206 Distillery comes onto this common ground with these brined cucs.

The best time for a margarita is when the sun is beating down, mid-summer, after all duties of the day are checked off the to-do list. Kicking back on a patio, beach, boat or in the comfort of your own living room is where this sip shines.

Alcohol is a common ingredient in Italian cooking. In addition to the fact that’s it’s just kind of fun to add a glug (or two) of whatever you’re sipping on to your stock pot, adding a splash of wine to your bolognese or Alfredo can help release flavors that would otherwise go unnoticed.
Although, while there’s nothing unusual about adding wine to Italian cooking, other types of booze — such as vodka — can aid in the flavor and texture of your sauce as well.

The time is ripe for the sweetest peaches of the year, and Metropolitan Market is celebrating its 20th year of its Peach-O-Rama promotion. The Seattle-based small group of high-end grocery stores started searching for chin-dribbling peaches in the early 1990s, after finding that most markets stocked hard, dry, unripe peaches. The group succeeded in the quest, and now the stores have both organic and conventional versions of our favorite summer treat.

Selling almost two times as many as any other signature cocktail on the menu at Little Bird Bistro is the Old Fashioned Fumée, bar manager John Peterson’s specialty.
Even though it has old fashioned in its name, it was more inspired by a classic Toronto, Peterson says of the similarly styled drink that features Canadian whiskey. “We wanted to do something that was maybe a little bit smoky, had the chocolatey depth to it but still was stringent enough to go with food,” he says.

The idea of opening up a distillery is something that AJ Temple has been conceiving since he was a young child. On vacation in England during a family trip back when Temple was 12, he visited the storied Plymouth Gin distillery and fell in love with all the aroma and the entire distilling process.
Back in October, the childhood dream became a reality when both AJ and his wife Jamie found a location to set up shop in Lynnwood, Washington.

Shock and awe: Washington State is home to more than 100 distilleries, more than any other state in the nation. According to the American Distilling Institute (ADI), roughly one-fifth of all the micro-distilleries in the United States are located in the Evergreen state alone. In light of the upcoming PROOF—the annual Washington Distillers Festival on July 9—this week’s selection is of Washington distilleries, new and old.

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