Vivacity Spirits Bankers’ Gin

by Erin James

Vivacity Spirits takes the title as Willamette Valley’s first female-owned microdistillery—one of five in the nation, to be exact. Caitlin…


Northwest whiskey is coming of age. Just two months ago we saw the release of the first craft bourbon to be aged to the same specifications the bourbon industry’s most established brands. And hot on its coattails came the release of the prolific Batch 206 Distillery’s own flagship straight bourbon whiskey, which had been waiting patiently in barrels since the Seattle-based operation opened in 2012.

Torii Mor Winery, named to evoke an image of a “beautiful gate to the earth,” specializes in handcrafting elegant and refined Pinot Noir that echoes the spirit of its Burgundy ancestry and earthy namesake. The wines can be found in two tasting locations: Woodinville, Washington, and Dundee, Oregon. However, only at the latter Asian-inspired tasting room can guests delve into the winery’s unique brandy, created via distillation of its prized Pinot Noir grapes.

Using honey in cocktails is nothing new. The Bee’s Knees cocktail dates to Prohibition in the early 1900s, when gin was of questionable quality and honey helped mask the taste. Honey itself is delicious and versatile in the kitchen, and adding it to cocktails—classic and contemporary—lends an earthy sweetness and character that you can’t get from simply using sugar.
Daniel Sullivan started Shipwreck Honey in 2009 with two hives in West Seattle.

Sip Northwest and Northwest Vine Time team up for new radio show beginning November 14
Award-winning magazine Sip Northwest is teaming up with the popular wine-themed radio show, Northwest Vine Time, to launch Sip Northwest Live.

Normally we bring you a single spirit, but for today’s Daily Sip we wanted to do something in celebration of the release of the latest James Bond film, Spectre. Below are three Bond-themed cocktails created by bartenders at three Kimpton properties across the Northwest, featuring three exceptional Northwest spirits.

The idea for Glacier Ginger Brew, a small ginger beer producer in Whitefish, Montana, was born over drinks after a day of skiing.
Good friends Lesley Thompson and Jen Cronin were closing out the last day of ski season two winters ago with Moscow Mules. “We were talking about how ginger beer could be so much better if you really could taste the ginger,” Cronin recalls.
The two started experimenting making their own.

Seattle’s whiskey-focused Westland Distillery just wrapped up its second annual Peat Week: a so-called “week of reek” celebrating the unmistakable earthy-smoky character that defines the style of whiskey that Westland espouses.

Washington state grows 70 percent of the nation’s hops on any given year (80 percent in 2014). This year’s harvest in the Yakima Valley was nearly 75 million pounds. The rapidly growing bines can be seen throughout the valley, climbing to more than 40-feet high on specially-designed trellises. Love ’em or loathe ’em, hops—specifically their pungent bittering agents—are a chief flavoring ingredient in aromatic and sharp craft beers like IPA.

In Arlington, a relatively pastoral town in Washington’s northern Snohomish County, a mantra like “simply done” suits the city’s only distillery. Named for the house hound, Hank, Bad Dog Distillery (which admits on their website that Hank really isn’t a bad dog at all) was started in 2012 by husband-and-wife team Dave and Shelly McGlothern.

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