Grand Opening Today: Jackknife, Portland’s New Sexy Cocktail Bar

by Melissa Stein

Looking for crafted cocktails, craft beer, and bubbly from around the globe? It is time to say “Bottoms up!,”  because…


There are two notable distinctions that Seattle’s Westland Distillery makes with their Peated American Single Malt Whiskey. The first is that it is single malt, which simply means that the whiskey is made at a singular distillery—at Westland’s 13,000 square foot waterfront production facility, single malt is all they do.

TOAST raises a glass to spirits for the fourth year in Portland.
Last weekend, the Oregon Distillers Guild’s yearly celebration of artisan spirits took place amidst the twinkling lights and glittering glass of Portland’s World Trade Center. Novices and connoisseurs alike had the opportunity to talk to more than 30 craft distillers and taste their wares over the course of two gloriously warm weekend evenings.

This beautiful slip of a spirit is the collaboration of two boutique BC craftsmen, both artisan producers in their own right. Long Table Distillery, Vancouver’s first inner-city distillery and Similkameen Valley’s Clos du Soleil Winery have come together to weave grape pulp into liquid gold.
From Clos du Soleil’s 100 percent organic estate grown Merlot pomace (leftover from the winemaking process), Long Table has created the smooth and sultry Marc du Soleil.

Oregon’s Brown Spirits Come of Age The tradition of American whiskey is long and varied, with origins and influences as diverse as America’s melting pot. With historical inspirations from around the globe, the flavor and character of new American whiskies are each individual and distinctive. More specifically, Oregon has become something of a Mecca for innovative Northwest spirits with distillers pioneering their very own flavorful takes on tradition.

Third times the charm: loaded with three types of ginger, the chewy morsels that are the Triple Threat Ginger Cookies contain a full spectrum of flavor that is both sweet and spicy and absolutely addictive. Using ground and fresh ginger, as well as New Deal Distillery’s Ginger Liqueur, these cookies are loaded with fragrant ginger flavor.

Last week, distillers, distiller hopefuls and all manner of industry professionals descended on Seattle for the American Distilling Institute’s 11th annual conference.

Spirit producers spread through the Northwest.
With more applications rolling in at the Washington State Liquor Control Board and Oregon Liquor Control Commission, it’s no wonder that new distilleries are popping up left and right like spring flowers. If you’ve somehow managed to taste all the spirits from the region and are eagerly anticipating something new to try, both Washington and Oregon are expecting some new distillery openings this season.

William Oben is starting a rum revolution. After attending college on the East Coast, the Puerto Rican native relocated to Portland (same same?) in 2003 where he dove head first into the food and beverage scene, studying at Le Cordon Bleu’s Western Culinary Institute then taking a job as the wine director at the popular Peruvian tapas bar, Andina.

The love for libation needn’t be restricted to a singular beverage. Jason Parker and Micah Nutt, co-founders and distillers of Copperworks Distilling Company, must have came to a similar conclusion when, after years of brewing at home (Nutt) and at the larger scale of Pike and Pyramid breweries (Parker), the duo unlatched the doors of their now six-month-old distillery on Seattle’s downtown waterfront.

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