Victoria Spirits Left Coast Hemp Vodka

by Brett Konen

There aren’t a lot of hemp vodkas around, and most of the ones that are out there are marketed as…


Citrus is generally thought of as a summer fruit, but one member of this sour bunch flourishes in the winter just after the holidays. The grapefruit, which is often considered to be the red-headed stepchild of the citrus family that must be topped with sugar to become even remotely tolerable, is actually a useful ingredient in cocktail crafting.

Bartenders find day job by launching a prep kitchen for hire company.

Portland’s bar scene has been quietly receiving a helping hand over the last several months from a small kitchen willing to do most of the grunt work for them, preparing fresh ingredients each day for its clients.

Down in Bend, Oregon, between all the bike-powered pubs and breweries, oft-lauded Oregon Spirit Distillers is constantly busy doing what they do best—messing around with interesting combinations of botanicals. In One-Eyed Jon, they’ve used their talents to craft a small-batch spiced molasses rum with a flavor profile completely its own.

Portland is known for being a melting pot of flavors—funky fusions, gluten-free goods and crafty cocktails are hot on the restaurant scene, and Broder is no novice to this trend—their traditional Nordic menu offers patrons a flair of unique flavors to treat the palate.
With two locations (and slightly differing menus) in Portland, Broder Café SE on Clinton Street and Broder Nord in North Portland off Interstate Avenue, are must-try eateries for brunch any day of the week.

Mardi Gras is less than a month away. While “Fat Tuesday” is celebrated around the world, the epicenter of Mardi Gras celebrations in the U.S. is in New Orleans. That’s the reason I can’t think about Mardi Gras without thinking about the food and cocktails originating in the The Big Easy.

When it comes to picking out an unfamiliar bottle from either the liquor store or the shelf behind the bartender, you have a few options. Sometimes you’ll go by a recommendation, other times you’ll go by price, but sometimes you’ll simply pick something because the bottle looked cool. Here are five eye-catching craft spirit bottles from the Pacific Northwest.

The new kid on Portland’s Distillery Row block, Wild Roots Vodka has staked its claim with two berry vodkas that “strive to embody the true essence of the Northwest.” The most specifically true-to-Oregon of these is Wild Roots’ Oregon Marionberry Vodka.
With more than a pound of fruit going to the production of every bottle, the intensely rich, almost liqueur-level color of the vodka—a deep royal purple in this case—is no surprise.

Amaro liqueurs—bitter digestifs, typically associated with and made in Italy—have soared in popularity. Fernet Branca and Underberg are great post-meal tummy tamers, while others, such as Cynar, Amaro Nonino and Averna make appearances in craft cocktails. broVo Spirits—produced by Mhairi Voelsgen in Woodinville, Washington—teamed up with bartenders across the country to introduce a line of amaro-style liqueurs handcrafted for cocktails.

From the folks at McMenamins, the popular brewery chain primarily speckling Portland’s metro area, comes the intricately created spirits of Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distillery (CPR). Established in 2011, the small-batch distillery currently produces a gin made from a wide array of botanicals, a Pinot Noir-based brandy and an award-winning 98.6 percent ABV white whiskey.

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