C.C. Jentsch Cellars 2012 Syrah

by Treve Ring

From a relatively new producer on the Golden Mile Bench (a region recently approved as BC’s first official Sub-Geographical Indication)…


Well, this is it—our final 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. Hopefully these guides gave you some much-needed inspiration for what to give all the special people in your life. Good luck with your holiday shopping and battling the crowds at the mall (read: war zones). From our hearts to yours, Happy Holidays!
Purple Wine Club: Picking out a bottle of wine can be intimidating, and admit it, you only pick a bottle because you either find the label or price attractive.

Americans are constantly looking for other cultures’ celebrations to takeover and declare to be a day for drinking. There’s St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo and Mardi Gras, but there’s also a lesser-known French, wine-based holiday called Beaujolais Day that’s celebrated on the third Thursday of November.
The holiday marks the end of the French harvest season and the start of wine drinking season (hurrah!).

The Wapato, Washington-based Treveri Cellars is coming up on its fourth anniversary this month. Treveri was proudly one of Washington’s first and few producers of sparkling wines, producing méthode champenoise bubbles exclusively. According to its mission statement, the winery set out to “put Washington sparkling wine on the map.” While this is quite the grand conquest, so too is its Blanc de Blanc Brut sparkling white wine, so clearly these guys have put those four years to good use.

By Nick Thomas
We’re mid-way through November, but there’s still plenty of time to beat the mad dash to the mall before people turn crazy or snag that perfect gift with the click of a mouse before it’s too late to ship anything.

Set in the Columbia River Gorge, with stunning views and an outdoor concert venue, Maryhill Winery is a destination in and of itself. But for their annual wine club dinner, Maryhill owners Craig and Vicki Leuthold choose to pair their award-winning wines with the tall picture windows, stone fireplaces, comfortable accommodations and fine cuisine of Stevenson, Washington’s Skamania Lodge.

In 1975, British geographer Jay Appleton proposed a hypothesis about human nature and habitat, most commonly known as the “refuge-prospect theory.” The idea is that taste is “an acquired preference for particular methods of satisfying inborn desires.” The two main desires are aimed at opportunity (prospect) and safety (refuge).

Every city has them. Those familiar, steadfast places that remind me of buoys—riding the tide through ups and downs, surfing the trends, eyeing the temping but dangerous rocky reefs and keeping above water throughout.
Sure, fashion comes and goes, and some years you’re hot and some you’re frigid, but when you stay true to story (with a renovation here and there) you can keep afloat and above the waves.

Thirty minutes outside of Boise, in Idaho’s Snake River Valley AVA, rests the product of more than 30 years of family-owned winemaking tradition. Since 1982, the Stowe clan has been blending regional grapes and bottling award-winning varieties at Indian Creek Winery. Among these, the winery offers a handcrafted Viognier as part of its small-lot collection.

The holiday season is upon us once again. For many, this means getting together with the family and sharing a feast in between fighting strangers in the mall while hunting down the perfect gift. For others who have fallen on harder times, this means uncertainty about where their next meal might come from.
The Willamette Valley Wineries Association (WVWA) is hosting a food drive in association with the Oregon Food Bank.

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