In Preview: STEM Science Uncorked

by Megan Walsh

Discover the science of the vine at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center. Entertain your mind along with your taste buds at…


The Grand Tasting Experience
Join winemakers, winery owners, and managers for an evening of tasty bites and sipping samples of over 50 wines from 20 premier wineries along the Wine Road in Sonoma County California. The cool jazz sounds of Emmanuel del Casa trio will sway around you as drinks flow and the silent auction takes place with all proceeds and 75% of ticket sales benefiting The Northwest Harvest. Clink glasses to helping hunger relief programs this Thursday, April 17 at 6:30-9:30 pm.

This. This! This is what I’d like to see more people doing on the Wine Islands—sparkling wine. NOT, contrary to popular belief, because it’s a way to use up “under ripe” grapes. Because our cool, maritime climate and ancient volcanic soils can support grapes naturally high in acid and create wines at the mountain top of freshness.

Don’t hate, participate in the can revolution. Craft beer and cider have jumped on the bandwagon—incessantly evolving the process with aluminum innovation and creative alterations to defer the metallic flavors that can occur and defy the haughty expectations of the revitalized packaging technique. But wine… Wine has a steeper uphill battle and charging to the front line is Willamette Valley’s Union Wine Company.

If you haven’t heard of the Sovereign Opal grape, fret not, because virtually no one else has either. This grape was developed by Agriculture Canada (marechal foch with golden muscat) to thrive specifically in the particular conditions found in the Okanagan Valley. Grown by the Carsoro family, this varietal is created exclusively for Calona Vineyards, resulting in their exclusive claim to this unique and regal sounding wine.

Have you ever come across a recipe so mind blowingly amazing that it completely changes the way you cook something? This is what happened to me when I tried Edward Lee’s recipe for Potato Stuffed Roast Chicken out of his cookbook “Smoke & Pickles.” I’d roasted tons of chickens in my life, and they were always good, but this was in a league all its own.

Washington wineries make their way to Seattle for two-day event
Forget to make plans for the upcoming weekend? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Taste Washington takes a plunge again this weekend March 29-30 into Seattle’s CenturyLink Field Event Center with more than 200 featured Washington wineries.

The pride and joy of Horse Heaven Hills, Champoux Vineyards helped write the dictionary for how many wine professionals define Cabernet Sauvignon in Washington state. The origin to half a dozen 100-point wines delivered by the critical powers that be, Champoux Vineyards proudly represents the wines their vines have produced by displaying their moniker on a winery’s label that usually results in a higher price tag. This is not the case with 25-year-old, Kent, Wash.

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Just imagine. You’re walking over gently sloping hills through rows of vines, trodding along clover-hewn rows, with the buzz of happy bees in the air. You come across vibrant lilac patches of perfumed lavender, each fragrant, flowering bush different from the last.

This is a small, 97 case lot of site-specific Pinot Noir from SpierHead Winery‘s Gentleman Farmer Vineyard, in East Kelowna of the Okanagan Valley. As quantities are limited, distribution won’t be large (check with winery first), but if you come across a bottle, it’s worth picking up and setting down.

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