In Preview: Seattle Wine & Food Experience

by Nick Thomas

Seattle seems to be getting an early start on summer food festivals. Now in its seventh year running, the city…


I’m not alone in my appreciation of this singular Canadian wine; numerous top name restaurants snap up this fresh, aromatic white from Hester Creek to pair with their fragrant dishes. Broken stone and light citrus and pear subtly open this Golden Mile Bench 2013 Trebbiano. Just off-dry, mandarin orange, young guava, honeysuckle, pink grapefruit and lemon peel flow throughout this medium-bodied, fresh wine, finishing with lingering spice.

Regardless of your location in the Northwest, you know you are a Seahawks fan. Especially since both the 49ers and Broncos are out of the championship running and you lost your arguing excuse. Whether you wore your blue in your baby photos or you’re a newly minted, bandwagon fan, you are a 12. Bob and Lauren Bullock and their team at Woodinville, Washington’s Eye of the Needle Winery celebrate that football devotion with their resolution to the game day wine question.

Founded in 2008, Charles & Charles is a Cream-level supergroup collaboration between Food & Wine’s 2009 winemaker of the year Charles Smith, also of K Vinters and Charles Smith Wines, and Charles Bieler of Three Thieves, Bieler Père et Fils and Gotham Project. (Get it? ‘Cause they’re both named Charles? You get it.) The Washington brand currently produces a rosé, a Chardonnay and a Cabernet blend—each with a label as simple as their straightforward vintage list.

Whether planning a trip with friends or stepping out for a romantic getaway fit for two, the lights, sights and sounds of Washington’s Eastside city, Bellevue, create the perfect setting for an evening (or evenings) out. From five-star dining options and high-end shopping to dazzling entertainment and more, the city of Bellevue has everything you need for a weekend away or an impromptu “staycation.

Well, the holidays are over now and you were an amazing friend/family member who gave everyone you know exactly what they asked for. The problem is, between presents and travel expenses, now you’re terrified to log-in and check your online banking statement to see exactly what kind of damage you’ve done. We understand and trust us, we’re suffering right there with you.

With more than 150 years of international winemaking traditions in Apolloni Vineyards’ family history, the Willamette Valley winery blends Old World Italian-style with New World Pacific Northwest flair to craft some truly unique and expressive wines.
Apolloni’s description for its 2012 Dolce Vino Viognier couldn’t have phrased it better when they labeled this dessert wine as “candy for adults.

According to the Wine Institute, 40 percent of sparkling wine sales occur in November and December, during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. From the dynamic panorama of the Okanagan Valley to the border-straddling Columbia Gorge and the shores of Lake Chelan, toothsome sparkling wines are available and a’plenty to support local wines this New Year’s Eve.

For Derek Berger and Scott Heinrich, the 1980s were for making beer. The pair met in Bozeman, Montana while in school as budding engineers. The 1990s were for wine, when Heinrich ran a wine tasting website called, providing educational tasting packages for readers to learn about specific regions and varietals around the world. In the early 2000s, the two college buddies put back on their garagiste hats and began to make wine.

Seems fitting for my last Drifters of 2014, I feature one of my very favorite BC hotels. (Attention ast minute gift certificate or holiday getaway planners!)
The property absolutely nails it, every time. Full on, Four Seasons luxury plus attention to fine detail, intuitive design features and a knowledgeable, unobtrusive and, most important, unpretentious staff. When I checked in for the first time, the front desk welcomed me by name as I stepped off the escalator (unexpected bonus points).

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