Elk Cove Vineyards 2012 Five Mountain Vineyard Pinot Noir

by Erin James

It was a herd of 40 Roosevelt elk that gave Pat and Joe Campbell’s winery and vineyard a name. In…


Imbued with history and favored by Mother Earth with its profusion of natural splendors, Hood River, Oregon has become a beacon for wayfaring gourmands. At the crossroads of the Cascade Mountain Range and the Columbia River Gorge, Hood River is the perennial darling of Oregon outdoor sports (kite boarding, wind surfing, hiking, ski, you name it).

For the first time, the wines of southern Okanagan Valley’s Nk’Mip Cellars are available in the United States. Pronounced “in-ka-meep,” the enunciation and drinking practices of these wines are now brought to Americans by way of Whole Foods Markets in Washington state and WineBCUSA online.

Last week, We Dig took a peek at the morbid history (and authentic bites and beverage offerings) behind one of Seattle’s most haunted Irish pubs. Today, we rendezvous in Portland for our next supernatural destination.

Sing for your supper and get a bang for your buck? Playing off an old fashioned idiom, For a Song wines doesn’t ask for the first expression but delivers the latter. Using the 19th century phrase “for a song,” meaning to get something for cheap, the winery bottles up single vineyard Washington wines for a fraction of the price tagged by competitors next to it on the shelf.

The best are back, from wine, beer and spirits to travel, cider and more.
Sip Northwest magazine is excited to release our third annual Best of the Northwest issue, showcasing the top travel spots, industry influencers, wine, beer, spirits, cider and more that are now crowned “2014 Best of the Northwest.

Fourth-generation grape-growers Knudsen Vineyards have finally produced and bottled an estate wine—and in one of the most approachable vintages to date. The four children of pioneering Oregon viticulturist, Cal Knudsen, have launched their winery with the release of their 2012 Pinot Noir. Long-time growers for Earth and Argyle’s sparkling wine gems, the Knudsen family has the foundation and proficiency to bring balance and structure to the ripe, warm 2012 vintage.

Cathedral Ridge Winery proudly grows a vast variety of high quality grapes across the unique soils and growing environments present in the Colombia River Gorge. A portion of their grapes in the Columbia Valley are near bodies of water that provide extra-reflected sunlight, similar to the growing environment in Germany along the Rhine River. The extra sunlight and heat provided by the water’s reflection results in the best ripening and most flavorful grapes.

The love of the land is a distinction of winemaker Anne Hubatch. With a degree in geology and environmental studies from the University of Wisconsin and work experience under Oregon vineyard greats (Adelsheim, Apolloni and more), Hubatch started Helioterra Wines in 2009 sourcing from estates that have a like-minded dedication to the ground.

Situated high above acres of winding southwestern Idaho farmland in the Snake River Valley AVA, Ste. Chapelle Winery has taken the state’s wine industry by storm since its origin in 1976. Today, Ste. Chapelle is Idaho’s leader in both production and sales volume, earning the winery a coveted spot in the Precept Wine family since 2012.

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